Best Infrastructure, Best Platform.

We always make sure that only the most secured and latest system run on our platforms

Best Protection

    All data is encrypted in-flight using industry standard encryption with AES-256. DigiCRM enforces HTTP Strict Transport Security. We automatically redirect all insecure requests before they reach our application servers.

    Whenever possible, communications are further protected with Perfect Forward Security. These stronger cipher suites use ephemeral session keys to prevent data from being decoded — even in the event of a secret key breach.

    To further protect users, the DigiCRM root domain has been added to the source of Chrome and Firefox to ensure that these browsers never open connections over non-SSL HTTP.

    Public resources are edge-cached, leveraging best-of-breed Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks.

Protected infrastructure

  • Our services are hosted on certified infrastructure. Our data centres are managed 24x7 by trained engineers. Access is authorized strictly by serious intelligent verification.
  • All changes on our Infrastructure are fully audited, including generating reports of any changes and details of user and time of changes are always available.
  • Back-end services reside inside of our Private Cloud on a private subnet.
  • We backed up our Databases on a regular basis

Access control

  • Our baseline policy is to authorize access strictly on a need-to-know and least-privileged basis.
  • All employee machines are password protected and their hard drives encrypted. Access to internal applications requires multi-factor authentication. Government customers can implement fine-grained access control policies at the organization or individual level.
  • Login credentials and personally identifiable information (PII) are always SSL encrypted in flight and filtered from applications and server logs.
  • All generated documents (such as PDFs) require login and appropriate privileges to read.